About Ann Arbor

Why Students Love this City

downtownRanked consistently as one of the best college towns in America, Ann Arbor offers an eclectic mix of world-class culture with all the perks of a fun, small city. Ann Arbor is a broadly diverse, welcoming community that boasts a lively year-round community events calendar, beginning with movies and music acts to suit every taste. You can take part in an active local-food movement, awesome rock shows, Outfest (a block party at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market celebrating diversity of gender identity and sexual orientation), and top performers at the yearly Ann Arbor folkfest (such as Iron & Wine, Ben Gibbard and the Avett Brothers).

Sports enthusiasts find an array of activities, from canoeing to cross-country skiing--and of course watching one of our very own Wolverine teams at the Big House stadium. Restaurants run the gamut, most with three-season outdoor seating to take advantage of Michigan's beautiful evenings. Cultural events like book fairs, restaurant weeks, music festivals, and nationally recognized juried art fairs transform downtown streets into pedestrian malls (including Ingalls Mall, at left, at the heart of campus) many weeks of the year.tree path

Ann Arbor's "best of both worlds" urban/rural landscape is a delightful blend of...

  • tree-shaded single-family homes / walkable districts and open-air markets
  • high-end and casual restaurants / festivals, fairs and parties
  • arboretums, parks and open spaces / arts, music, intellectual life, sports
  • community and affordable housing / boutiques and shopping malls
  • 19th-century theaters and modest modern skyscrapers
  • gorgeous panoramas of tree-lined hills, rivers and trails
  • bike-friendly, pedestrian-friendly, ample public transportation
  • one of the world's greatest universities (Michigan!)

And don't forget the rankings, where Ann Arbor rocks...

A video love letter to Ann Arbor: from our friends at U-M College of Engineering: