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The University of Michigan School of Public Health offers many options in areas of study, degrees, and professional education programs. In addition to the traditional residential degree programs, the school offers non-residential Executive Education Degree Programs (OJ/OC). The Certificate in the Foundations of Public Health is a distance-learning program.

SPH Departments

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Biostatistics offers training in the development and application of statistical and mathematical methods to the design and analysis of public health problems and biomedical research.

Environmental Health Sciences aims to protect human health from adverse environmental conditions - in particular from harmful practices and harmful exposures in air, water, and food in the workplace, home, and ambient environment. The field utilizes multiple approaches in specialty areas of study: Environmental Quality and Health, Industrial Hygiene, Hazardous Substances Management, Human Nutrition, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology, and Toxicology.

Epidemiology is concerned with analyzing and describing patterns of occurrence and determinants of diseases in human populations. This department includes programs in Epidemiology Methods and Applications, Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology, and International Health.

Health Behavior and Health Education is concerned with the factors associated with health-related behavior and health status, and develops and evaluates educational activities designed to improve individual and community health and quality of life.

Health Management and Policy offers a number of degree programs, all of which provide excellent training in both health management and health policy.

Joint Degree Program

Health Informatics joins the expertise of the U-M School of Public Health in population health, health policy, and individual health behaviors with that of the School of Information in human-centered design and the development, implementation and evaluation of leading-edge information resources.

Undergraduate Courses

The School of Public Health offers courses for undergraduate students to integrate an understanding of key public health concepts into their undergraduate program. These popular courses range from topics such as an intro to public health, to global public health, to environmental public health, to behavior and public health. These courses are taught by senior faculty in the School of Public Health, and are available to all enrolled U-M undergraduate students. The list of courses grows each year; sign up and stay tuned!

Academic Feature

Certificate in the Foundations of Public Health (online): See why our faculty think our distance-learning program works:

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