What's in a Name?
> A Letter from the Dean

> Growing Up and Giving Back

> Griffith Leadership Center

> The Michigan Difference at Public Health

Sailing to Success:
> An Atypical Business Adventure

> Dean's Advisory Board

A Lasting Legacy:
> A New Scholarship

Meet the 2008 SPH Alumni Board of Governers


Dean Ken WarnerWhat's in a Name?
A Letter from the Dean

Sue CrawfordDedicated
Growing Up and Giving Back

When questions or problems related to students or curriculum arise in the EHS department, Sue Crawford is there.

John R. GriffithTransformation
Griffith Leadership Center:

It's only natural that a center for leadership in healthcare should carry the name of one of it's distinguished proponents, John R. Griffith.

campaign flagsCampaign
The Michigan Difference at Public Health

An update and celebration for all that's happened.

Richard RonderSailing to Success
An Atypical Business Adventure:

Richard Ronder and The Columbus Organization have worked with more than 140 agencies in 44 states to help provide services for people with diabilities.

Dean's Advisory BoardLeadership
Dean's Advisory Board:

SPH has seen great movement forward in the last decade, and the Dean’s Advisory Board has played a crucial role in that progress.

Dorothy C. CalafioreA Lasting Legacy
A new scholarship honors the life and legacy of an alumna:

Dorothy C. Calafiore always knew the value of education. It helped her overcome her hardships and tragedy to become an internationally respected professional.

Alumni BoardCalling All Alums
Get active with the Alumni Board of Governors