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Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health

Environmental health prepares you to meet present and future needs for environmental management as these pertain to human health and disease. Jobs are available in government health agencies at the local, state and national levels, private industry, academic institutions, and international health agencies.

Some samples of job titles our alumni have:

  • County public health director
  • Community liaison officer
  • Health policy analyst
  • Environmental chemist
  • Analytical chemist
  • Director of certification & compliance
  • Hazardous waste scientist
  • Quality investigator
  • Industrial waste director
  • Water quality scientist
  • Health physicist
  • Radioactive water specialist
  • Radiation safety officer
  • Environmental radiation specialist
  • Sanitary engineer

Occupational Health

Occupational health is concerned with protecting the health of persons in the work place and in the community. While working in this profession, you will learn about manufacturing processes, disease and injury processes; statistical sampling procedures, chemistry, engineering, environmental and work regulations; and labor management issues.

Some samples of job titles our alumni have:

  • Occupational hygienist
  • Director of industrial hygiene
  • Health safety officer
  • Occupational health compliance officer
  • Air quality specialist
  • Labor union health director
  • Director of public health
  • Occupational physician
  • Medical clinic director
  • Clinic coordinator
  • Chief medical officer
  • Ergonomics specialist


Toxicology combines the principles of biology and chemistry to help understand the harmful effects of pollutants, pesticides, and other chemicals on human health. Toxicologists work in academia, industry, and government.

Some samples of job titles our alumni have:

  • Consumer safety officer
  • Health research scientist
  • Director of toxic substances agency
  • Inhalation toxicologist
  • Reproductive toxicologist
  • Product toxicologist
  • Immunotoxicologist
  • Cutaneous toxicologist
  • Research toxicologist
  • Chemical information specialist
  • Legislative aide for toxicology
  • Environmental toxicologist
  • Director of national food safety and toxicology center

Human Nutrition

The study of human nutrition is essential to the understanding of the mechanisms of health disease. Graduate study in human nutrition prepares you for career opportunities in public health agencies such as local and state health departments, hospitals, clinics, industry, and private practice.

Some samples of job titles our alumni have:

  • Nutritionist
  • Nutrition education officer
  • Nutrition scientist
  • Home economist
  • Director for nutrition field study
  • Food nutrition supervisor
  • Food program officer
  • Health services nutrition educator
  • Dietitian
  • Research dietitian
  • WIC nutrition educator


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"Having the degree definitely opened doors for finding my initial job. The classes were great preparation in teaching us how to think and analyze information."

- Angela Chou, EHS '03
EHS Specialist with Oracle