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Environmental Health Sciences

Human Nutrition

What Do Nutrition Scientists Do?

People in this field use interdisciplinary knowledge about diet and human nutrition to improve public health and advance our understanding of contemporary nutrition problems.

The Program

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences Human Nutrition Program offers a curriculum to explore, teach, and communicate the most recent scientific discoveries in nutrition. From nutrigenomics and epigenetics to the clinical and community translation of nutrition, our faculty provide a breadth of knowledge, skills, and research opportunities to those students seeking a twenty-first-century curriculum in cellular, physiological, and community nutrition. This is a research-driven, interdisciplinary program with strengths in:

  • Obesity and nutrition-related chronic disease (cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes).
  • Nutrition as a modifier of adverse environmental exposures across the lifecycle.
  • Nutrition and immune function.

The University of Michigan supports interdisciplinary scholarship across the university. The Human Nutrition Program exemplifies this value by collaborating with many other schools and programs at the university, including: health behavior, epidemiology, metabolomics, cancer, cardiovascular disease, pediatrics, endocrinology, and kinesiology. These collaborations enrich didactic, research, and mentoring opportunities for students in the Human Nutrition Program.