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On Job/On Campus (OJ/OC)

The University of Michigan School of Public Health On Job/On Campus programs have been delivering academic degree programs to employed health professionals for more than 30 years. The unique OJ/OC format allows participants to continue their career while pursuing advanced study. OJ/OC students attend classes in Ann Arbor on one four-day weekend (Thursday through Sunday) each month, for 18 to 25 months, depending on the program of study, approximately the same amount of time it takes to complete an equivalent on-campus degree program at the school. New distance learning initiatives have the potential to greatly reduce the amount of time spent on campus in OJ/OC programs.

On-campus sessions involve intensive interactive collaboration and discussion with faculty and other students in the program. Course materials and assignments are frequently integrated with students' work settings. The on-campus component of the program offers the combined benefits of a focused learning environment and the traditional classroom experience. Between sessions, electronic mail and conferencing via the Internet allow convenient communication with faculty and fellow students.

OJ/OC students are taught by the school's fulltime faculty and receive a comparable number of class-contact hours as do on-campus students. The OJ/OC curriculum varies only when tailored to take advantage of the unique OJ/OC model and to incorporate students' real-life work experiences.

Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition for the OJ/OC programs is the same as that of the school's equivalent on-campus programs. Financial assistance (such as loans) from the University of Michigan is very limited. Applicants are encouraged to pursue other sources of support, including employers. Entering students who wish to apply for guaranteed bank loans or other types of educational loans should submit their applications within two weeks after they receive their acceptance letter from the School of Public Health.

Living Arrangements

OJ/OC students arrange accommodations with local hotels, university residences, or with friends during their time in Ann Arbor. The School of Public Health provides a list of local housing resources which includes University, bed and breakfast and hotel facilities over a wide price range.

OJ/OC Degrees Offered

Executive Masters in Health Management and Policy (MPH or MHSA)
Begun in 1972, the Executive Master's Program in Health Management and Policy provides master's level education to mid-career health professionals and offers a choice of the Master of Public Health (MPH) or Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree. The unique format of this nonresidential program allows students to continue their professional employment while acquiring the information and skills they need in order both to respond to current management and policy demands and to meet future challenges as their career responsibilities grow.

Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis (MS)
The On Job/On Campus (OJ/OC) Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis (CRDSA) program provides a way for physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and others who are involved in clinical research to develop expertise in research design and statistical analysis while continuing their professional employment.