Community Education

The Center for Public Health and Community Genomics is committed to expanding involvement in the area of community genomics education. We are a source for useful, accurate and engaging educational materials promoting an understanding of genomics among the community at large using the following modalities:

Genomics, Community, and Equity: A Continuing Dialogue

Genomics, Community and Equity: A Continuing Dialogue, a partnership project between the Center for Public Health and Community Genomics (CPHCG) at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the National Community Committee (NCC) of the CDC-funded Prevention Research Centers (PRCs), was carried out during the 2007 calendar year. The 5 NCC members within the 10-state focus area for this project (Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota) organized face-to-face and web-based educational and dialogue communications in their respective geographic areas, with over-all guidance, educational and technological resources provided by CPHCG, local educational resources provided by the state health departments in their respective states, and both educational and dissemination support by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (with special emphasis on health professionals) and their respective state associations of public libraries (with special emphasis on lay members of their communities). Educational resources were provided by the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Office of Public Health Genomics (CDC), and genomics experts at the University of Michigan. On October 12, 2007, approximately 450 people, most of whom were grass-roots community members, participated in 5 forums in 5 states. Participants came from the rural reaches of Missouri and Iowa, the urban neighborhoods of Flint, MI, St. Paul, MN, and Chicago, IL, and represented an incredibly diverse group of traditions, cultures, SES levels, and occupations.

GenoCommunity Think Tank

CPHCG pooled resources with the Life Sciences and Society Program (LSS) and the Certificate Program in Public Health Genetics to develop and implement a website for public education, comment, feedback and discussion. This website provides an added component of information on public attitudes, concerns, and suggestions for addressing the concerns and promoting participation. CPHCG, in partnership with LSSP and the Certificate Program in Public Health Genetics, will implement a statewide dissemination plan to advise community organizations, educational institutions, professional organizations, and the public health network of the existence and purpose of the website to elicit participation from their constituents.

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