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John R. Griffith, Reaching Excellence in Healthcare Management

John R. Griffith, MBA FACHE, is Professor of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Since 1960, Professor Griffith has been an educator of students and practicing professionals on developing and fostering excellence in managing health care organizations. In 2011, John and Kenneth R. White published the book, Reaching Excellence in Healthcare Management. The book serves as a guide to help health care manager, physician executives, nurse leaders, and board members meet the difficult responsibility of increasing profits while reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care. GLC Advisory Board member, Glenn A. Fosdick, President and CEO of The Nebraska Medical Center, provides the following review:

"Two of the most significant challenges facing healthcare providers are the mandate to move the organization from mediocrity to excellence and the necessity of incorporating clinical leaders in the process. Reaching Excellence in Healthcare Management provides a concise and understandable method for meeting these challenges. It identifies and shares best practices that will allow achievement of these goals."

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