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Global Health Courses

The following courses are examples of offerings in the School of Public Health with a global health application. To see the full list of approved courses and the competencies they meet for the Global Health Certificate, see the Certificate Completion Form.

  • EHS 502 Environmental Health in Developing Areas
  • EHS 591 Equity Issues in Environmental Health
  • EHS 614 Water, Sanitation, and Global Health
  • EHS 633 Evaluation of Global Nutrition Programs
  • EHS 662 Methods in Nutritional Epidemiology
  • EHS 673 Epidemiology of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
  • EHS 683 Air Pollution and Global Health (note: previously listed as EHS 796)
  • EHS 690 Practice in Global Environmental Health
  • EPID 506 Health of Nations: Introduction to International Health
  • EPID 555 Globalization and Health
  • EPID 605 Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • EPID 607 Applied Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
  • EPID 609 Vaccines in Public Health
  • EPID 621 Cancer Epidemiology EPID 662 Methods in Nutritional Epidemiology
  • EPID 663 Health, Evidence and Human Rights
  • EPID 664 Field Methods for Epidemiology in Developing Countries
  • EPID 665 Research Seminar in International Health
  • EPID 666 Health and Socioeconomic Development
  • EPID 673 Epidemiology of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
  • EPID 822 Malaria and Other Vector-Borne Diseases
  • EPID 888 Nutrition and Infectious Disease
  • HBHE 516 Global Health Anthropological Perspectives
  • HBHE 540 Fundamentals of Reproductive Health
  • HBHE 550 The Challenges of HIV/AIDS: Strengthening Health Systems in Resource-Poor Settings
  • HBHE 603 Population Change: Gender, Family & Fertility in Africa and Asia
  • HBHE 606 Change, Health Behaviors and Chronic Disease Transition: A Global Perspective
  • HBHE 616 Sex, Gender & Vulnerability
  • HBHE 650 Power and Social Justice in Global Health
  • HMP 624 Health Policy Challenges in Developing Countries
  • HMP 625 Comparative Health Policy and Management in High Income Countries
  • HMP 671 Cross-national Comparisons of Aging and Health
  • HMP 673 Health Program Management and Evaluation in Resource Poor Countries
  • HMP 677 Health Care Organization: An International Perspective

Other UM programs also offer an incredible range of courses involving issues of globalization.