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  Issue 2, November 2006


The answers for this web poll were provided by HBHE alum, Kathleen Lawrence.

Read more about Kathleen at

Welcome To The.Link

In this issue we are proud to showcase how great it is to be a University of Michigan HBHE alum, faculty member, or student! 

  1. Check out our special feature of "A Day in the Life of Ashley Brant" in A2.Tie.In.  Ashley is an amazing second year student who balances school, work, and extracurricular activities to make the most of her education at SPH. 
  2. HBHE is excited to welcome three new faculty members.  Read more about their stories in Faculty.Connect.
  3. We bring the power of networking to the forefront with our incredible alumni who dedicate their time to providing incredible field placement and career opportunities in HBHE.Network. 
  4. Land your dream job Michigan style with advice from a new HBHE alum, Kathleen Lawrence in
  5. Where in the world were HBHE students this past summer?  Find out in Student.Link.     

We also put your suggestions into action, so keep them coming at the Contact Us section.  We will continue to use your feedback to tailor the link to you. 

Danielle & Lisa
Editors of the link