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PhD Program in Health Services Organization and Policy

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The Health Services Organization and Policy (HSOP) Program is the HMP doctoral program leading to a PhD and prepares students for careers in research, teaching, and policy analysis in health services and policy.

The Program's primary objective is to provide students with the conceptual and analytic skills to address a broad spectrum of health services and policy issues. These issues range from the balance between equity, efficiency, and political feasibility in forming social policy to technical considerations in the organization, financing, use, and evaluation of health services. The scope of our programs includes not only personal health services ("health care") but also the broader context of factors that influence health ("public health").

While strongly oriented toward applied research, the Program is firmly based in scientific theory and methods. Understanding and analysis of technical problems and policy issues in health services and policy require a commitment to scientific inquiry within a rigorous framework. The Program considers the key bodies of theory for HSOP study to be the social sciences including economics, sociology, organizational studies (in Ross Business School) (in College of Literature, Science, and the Arts), political science, finance, and operations research/decision science. The application of such theory requires the use of advanced methods in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. The HSOP Program, therefore, is designed to integrate a thorough knowledge of health services and policy, a sound understanding of a theoretical discipline, and a mastery of advanced research methods.