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Completed PhD Student Dissertations

Bradley, K.W. Who Lobbies the Lobbyists? Bureaucratic Influence on State Medicaid Legislation
Carroll, N. Access to Capital and Multihospital System Membership in the U.S. Hospital Industry
Jones, D.K. Implementing Obamacare: Intergovernmental Battles Over the Creation of Health Insurance Exchanges
Kim, B.R. Health and Living Arrangements among Older Adults in Diverse Social and Cultural Contexts
Nikpay, S.S. Three Essays on the Economics of Health Reform
Huang, S.H. Three Essays on Finance and Health Care Organizations
Story, W.T. The Association Between Social Capital and Health Care Utilization in the Developing World: Meaning, Mechanisms, and Measurement
Keith, R.E. Understanding Variation in Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation: A Qualitative Study
Lammers, E. J. Essays on Information Technology and Organizational Form in the Health Care Industry
Moyer, C. A.
Facility-Based Delivery in Ghana: A Three-Part Study of Drivers and Deterrents
Shultz, C.G.
Patient, Physician, and Community Demographics and Physicians' Perceptions of Patients, Their Practice, and the Management of Diabetes
Berson-Grand, J. B. Studies in Intentionality: The Role of Pregnancy Intention, Maternal Age and Pregnancy History on the Evaluation and Utilization of Reproductive Health Services
Botoseneanu, A. Successful Aging and Obesity: Social and Developmental Heterogeneity in Trajectories of Body Weight from Middle to Older Age
Chuang, C.C. Clinical and Cost Consequences of Non-Adherence in the End-Stage Renal Disease Population
Debbink, M.L. Low Birth Weight Inequities in Context: Racial Segregation, Neighborhood Factors, and Preconception Care
McCann, P.J. The Federal Design Dilemma: Congressional Intergovernmental Delegation
Orzol, S. M. Essays in Children's Access to Pediatric Health Care
Alshanqeety, O.S. Medicare Part D Program: Estimating Demand and Welfare
Hefner, J.L. Children with Complex Special Health Care Needs and the Health Services System: Unmet Needs, Barriers to Care, and Coordination of Health Services
Lin, H.C. Innovations in Pharmaceutical Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder And Associated Patient Outcomes
Nicklett, E.J. Diabetes Health Trajectories: Racial/Ethnic, Class, and Gender Disparities
Quinones, A.R. Essays on Race/Ethnic Variations in the Dynamics of Chronic Diseases Among Middle and Old Aged Americans
Rauscher, S. Revenue Cycle Management in the U.S. Hospital Industry
Turner, J.S. Business Risk and the Tradeoff Theory of Capital Structure: Predicting the Use of Long-Term Debt in the Healthcare Sector
Baum, N.M. Resource Allocation in Public Health Practice
Carls, G.S. Ozone Alerts and Asthma Exacerbations: A Case Study of Dallas-Fort Worth 2000-2008
Kamimura, A. Health Care Seeking for Intimate Partner Violence in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Okeke, E. An Empirical Investigation of Why Doctors Migrate and Women Fail to Go for Screening
Hearld, L. Does Market Structure Affect Access to Ambulatory
Care?: The Relationship Between Provider Supply, Inter-organizational Relationships, and Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospitalizations
Pan, F. Three Essays on Health Economics
Golberstein, E. Essays on Long-Term Care and Aging
Gollust, S. The Impact of News Media Frames of Type 2 Diabetes on the Public's Health Policy Opinions
Schueler, K. Factors Affecting Consumers' Responses to Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
Pape, E. Payment Systems, Market Factors and Long-Term Care Hospitals
Hassmiller, K. The Impact of Smoking on Population-Level Tuberculosis Outcomes and Policy Implications
Hunte, H. The Role of Perceived Racial/Ethnic Discrimination on
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Health Risk Behaviors and Outcomes
Mortensen, K.L. Heterogeneity of the Uninsured
Pozniak, A.S. An Examination of Organizational Change and Structure in the Healthcare Industry
Song, P.H. Investment Strategies in Not-For-Profit Hospitals
Watson, R.L. Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Mortality
Boykin, S.D. Stress, Resilience, Socioeconomic Status and the Dynamic Model of African American Self-Related Health: Results From the Pitt County , NC Study
Finlayson, T.L. Mother's Self-Efficacy and Oral Health in Low-Income African American Children in Detroit
Thompson, B.H. Insurance, Regular Source, and Regular Provider
Zeber, J.E. The Effect of a Medication Copayment Increase on Veterans with Schzophrenia
Rivenson, H.L. The Cash Holdings of Not-For-Profit Hospitals
Rogers, J.L. Increasing Recruitment of Women Participants in Medical Research
Hebeler, C.J. Smoking and Hospitals Cost During Pregnancy and the First Year of Life
Landsman, P.B. The Extension of Global Fees to Medical Treatment
Reiter, R.L. Investment, Financing and Liquidity Constraints in Not-For-Profit Hospitals
Miller, E.A. Explaining State Policy Adoption: The Case of Medicaid Nursing Facility Reimbursement
Gibson, T.B. Three Essays on Prescription Drug Prices
Turenne, M.N. The Labor Market Effects of Employment Based Health Insurance
Henderson, J.T. Women's Primary Health Care Satisfaction
Metzger, M.E. Fair Process as A Moderator in Outcomes: Based Explanation of Community Health Partnership Participation
Taylor, E.F. Consumer Behavior and Health Insurance Among Two Populations
Reardon, T.G. The Economic and Technical Context of Telemedicine
McCarthy, J.F. Accessibility Barriers to Care Among Individuals with Psychoses
Magnus, S. A. Agency Implications of Debt In Not-For-Profit Hospitals
Lang, L.L. Policy Development in a Novel Arena: Diversity and Representation on the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee to the NIH
Wodchis, W.P. The Effect of Government Payment Methods on Nursing Home Rehabilitation Treatment and Residential Discharge Outcomes
Donaldson, M.S. Continuity of Care
Joshi, M.S. Assesing Hospital Quality of Care
Parkerton, P.H. Part Time Practice and Physician Performance
Iser, J.P. Poor Immunization Outcomes
Maloy, N.A. Nursing Home Length of Stay
Shugarman, L.R. The Role of Informal and Formal Care in Community-Based Long-Term Care
Neuwald, S.F. The Impact of Market Characteristics on Medicare Expenditures for Skilled Nursing Facility Post Acute Episodes of Care
Hoppe, E.S. Optometry's Expanding Scope of Practice: Legislation, Interprofessional Relationships and Risk
DeBold, V.P. Choice of Telemedicine and Nurse Practitioner in Rural Areas
Reynolds, D.A.V. An Analysis of thePolitical and Ecomonic Viability of Community Health Centers: Implicaitons for Their Future
Wells, R.S. Staff Member Integration Within Interdisciplinary Treatment Teams
Bechel, D.L. Care on Hospital Inpatient Cost and Quality Outcomes: The Experience in Southeast Michigan
Stogis, S.L. Development of a Standard Donor Ratio (SDR)
Lemak, C.H. Managed Care and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
Cameron, A.E. A Real Options Model for the Evaluation of Telemedicine
Chuang, D. Client Acceptance of Telemedice
Jinnett, Kimberly Jeanne Multilevel Model of Quality of Life Among U.S. Veterans with Serious Mental Illness
Lee, S-Y. Survival Consequences of Organizational Changes in U.S. Community Hospitals
Boesz, C.C. Physician Incentive - Risk Arrangements and Participation in Governance and Management of HMO-IPAS
Tavrow, P.A. The Determinants of Client Satisfaction With Family Planning Services in Developing Countries: Three Essays
Duran-Arenas, L.G. Determinants of Professional Status of Physicians in Urban Areas of Mexico
Butler, P.A. Medicaid HMO Enrollees in the Emergency Room
Shipp, M.D. Vision Testing Policies for Driver Licensure Renewal
Edlund, M.J. The Determinants of Drop-Out From Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in the United States and Ontario
Frick, K.D. Essays on Health Insurance Markets
Ogden, J.S. Improving Human Organ Availability for Transplantation
Hsueh, Y-S. The Differential Effects of Co-payment and Co-Insurance of the Use and Cost of Prescription Drugs
Barkhardt, J.H. Non-Acute Impatient Specialization
Paul-Shaheen, P.A. Exploring the Dimensions of State Policymaking - A Health Care Perspective
Isken, Mark W. Personnel Scheduling Models for Hospital Anciallary Units
Gebbie, K.M. Creation of a New Health Department in Washington State
Muramatsu, N. Chronic Illness Transitions and Social Relationships in Japanese Older Adults
Edwards, J.N. Nonfinancial Barriers to Women's Use of Cancer Screening Services
Weston, R.C. The Legislative Politics of Appropriations for Biomedical Research
Lound, J.L. Sources of Variation in the Distribution of Interdependent Costs in Academic Medical Centers
Hogan, M.M. Organizational Employment, and Professional Influences on Role Conflict in Work Injury Treatment for Occupational Health Nurses
Cameron, J.W. Access to Health Care
Mohr, R.A. Client Characteristics and Task Coordination in Drug Abuse Treatment Units
Vaughn, T.E. Methadone Treatment Practices and Outcomes Associated with Them: An Application of Institutional Theory
Gamble, P.A.W. Hospital Wage and Administration Patterns
Harrington, C.A. Drug Therapy Problems and Hospitalization Risk in an Elderly Medicaid Population
Kim, J.H. Comparisons of Structure of Physical Health Among the Elderly in Four Pacific Cultures
Genovich-Richards, J. Organizational Design and Performance
Homan, Rick K. Medical Care Resource Allocation Decisions: The Response to Multiple Agency Roles
Lafata, J.E. The Demand for Nursing Home Care
Rudnertugo, N. The Relationships Among Service Delivery Factors, Community Characteristics, and Immunization Completion by Two-Year Old Children Using County Health Departments
Lamarche, P.A. Office Practice Organization
Polden, B.J. Lifestyle As A Predictor of Health Status and the Use of Health Services
Halman, L. Jill Infertility: Attitudes About Interventions Desired and Expected Number of Children
Lowery, J.C. Design and Validation of Methodologies for Determining Critical Care Bed Requirements
Zeddies, T.C. The Structure of Decision Making in Academic Health Centers
Zimmerman, J. Setting the Agenda in Health Care
Eckardt Jr., R.E. Case Managed care for the Elderly Policy Implications from Demonstration Projects
Marshall, B. The Role of Corporation in Health Policy Making at the State Level
Langenbrunner, J.C. Quantitative Synthesis Methods
Kazandjian, V.A. Developing and Implementing a Model of Small Area Variation of Hospital Use
Steeler, C.W. Selected Health Policy Issues Among Native Americans