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We are happy to assist reporters with public health inquiries, via phone or e-mail. Many (but not all) University of Michigan School of Public Health faculty are included in this database below.

Browse School of Public Health Experts by topic, as shown in the following weighted list:

Addictive behavior    ADHD    Adolescents    Aerosols    Affordable Care Act    Africa    African-Americans    Aging    Air pollution    Alcoholism    Alternative medicine    Alzheimer's disease    Anthrax    Antibiotic resistance    Antivirals    Anxiety    ARDS (respiratory distress)    Asbestos    Asthma    Avian flu    Bacterial genetics & evolution    Biomarkers    Biostatistics    Bioterrorism    Bisphenol A    Breastfeeding    Cancer    Cardiovascular health    Carpal tunnel syndrome    Chemical exposures    Chemical warfare    Child health    China    Cholera    Chronic disease management    Climate change    Clinical trial design    Community health    Construction safety    Consumer informatics    Contaminants    Coping    Cost-effectiveness    Data analysis    DDT    Decision making    Dementia    Depression    Diabetes    Dioxin    Disasters    Disease transmission    DNA    Driver education    E. coli    Ebola    Ecotoxicology    Ecuador    eHealth    Emerging technologies    Employee benefits    End-stage renal disease    Environment    Environmental disasters    Environmental health    Environmental justice    Epidemiology    Epigenetics    Ethics    Ethnicity and health    Exposure assessment    Eye disease    Families    Fish    Fish oil    Flu    Food safety    Gene mapping    Genetic counseling    Genetic epidemiology    Genetics    Genomics    Global health    Great Lakes    Guns    Health care delivery    Health care economics    Health care plans    Health care reform    Health communication    Health disparities    Health education    Health informatics    Health insurance    Health literacy    Health policy    Health promotion    Healthy living    Heart disease    HIV/AIDS    HMOs    Hospital management    Human genetic data    Human rights    Immune functions    Infant mortality    Infectious diseases    Influenza    Informatics    Inhalation    Injury prevention    Innovation    International health    Kidney disease    Labor and birth    Latino health    Lead poisoning    Leptin    Leukotrienes    Long-term care    Lyme disease    Malaria    Malnutrition    Managed care    Manufacturing    Mass spectrometry    Maternal & child health    Maternal and child health    Media coverage    Medicaid    Medicare    Men's health    Menstruation    Mental health    Mercury    MERS    Metals toxicity    Microbial risk assessment    Minority health    Modeling infectious diseases    Motivational interviewing    Motor vehicles    MSM    Musculoskeletal conditions    Nanotechnology    Nerve gas    Neuroepidemiology    Neurotoxicology    Noise    Nuclear energy    Nursing homes    Nutrition    Obesity    Occupational health    Oil spills    Pacific Northwest    Pandemic    Pandemic planning    Pathogens    Patient education    PCBs    Pesticides    Physician attitudes    Physician decision-making    Pneumoconiosis    Pneumonia    Policy & regulation    Policy and regulation    Prescription drugs    Prevention    Preventive medicine    Prostate cancer    Public health law    Public health policymaking    Public health practice    Public health preparedness    Public health/emergency preparedness    Quality of care    Quarantine    Rabies    Radiation    Religion    Reproductive health    Responsible innovation    Rift Valley fever    Risk assessment    Risk communication    SARS    Schizophrenia    Science policy    Secondhand smoke    Sentinels    Sepsis    Sexuality    Sexually transmitted diseases    Smallpox    Smoking    Social epidemiology    Social inequalities    Social justice    Social networks    Statistical genetics    Statistical models    Stress    Substance abuse    Suicide    Swine flu    Tailoring    Technology    Tobacco control    Toxicants    Toxicology    Tuberculosis    Urinary tract infections    Vaccines    Value-based insurance design    Violence    Viruses    Water quality    Waterborne diseases    Waterborne/vectorborne diseases    West Nile virus    Wildlife    Women's health    Youth    Youth violence    Zoonosis