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Topic: Prevention

David Garabrant, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor in Environmental Health Sciences
Phone: (734) 936-0753 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Current research concerns occupational and environmental epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, neuroepidemiology and neurotoxic agents, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, environmental exposure to dioxins.     MORE

Ken Resnicow, Ph.D., B.A.
Professor in Health Behavior and Health Education
Phone: (734) 647-0212 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Focuses on motivational interviewing in health care settings and peer interventions, and application of chaos and complexity science to behavior change.      MORE

Kenneth E. Warner, Ph.D.
Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor of Public Health in Health Management and Policy
Phone: (734) 763-5454 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Research focuses on economic and policy aspects of disease prevention and health promotion, with a special emphasis on tobacco and health.     MORE

Mark L. Wilson, ScM, ScD
Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 936-0152 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • can discuss disease transmission, global patterns of disease and relationship to human activity.     MORE

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