Daniel Eisenberg, Ph.D.

Daniel Eisenberg

Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy

1415 Washington Heights      Vcard icon
M3517 SPH II
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Office: (734) 615-7764

E-mail: daneis@umich.edu

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Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Professional Summary

Daniel Eisenberg's broad research goal is to improve understanding of how to invest effectively and efficiently in the mental health of young people.  He has been director of the doctoral program in Health Services Organization and Policy (HSOP) since 2011.  He joined the HMP faculty in 2004 after completing a BA and PhD in Economics at Stanford University and a postdoctoral traineeship in mental health services and policy research at UC-Berkeley.

Courses Taught

HMP664: Applied Health Policy Analysis    Syllabus (PDF)
HMP693: Mental Health Policy in the United States    Syllabus (PDF)
HMP802: Introduction to Health Services and Policy Research
HMP805: Doctoral Seminar in Health Services and Systems Research III
HMP840: Integrative Seminar in Health Services Organization and Policy    Syllabus (PDF)


NIMH Postdoctoral Scholar, School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley, 2002-2004
Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University, 2002
B.A. (Honors and Distinction), Economics, Stanford University, 1997

Research Interests & Projects

Healthy Minds Study

PI: Daniel Eisenberg

Summary: Annual national survey of college students about mental health, help-seeking behavior, and related issues.

Peer effects for mental health, substance use, and help-seeking

PI: Daniel Eisenberg

Sponsor: W.T. Grant Foundation

Summary: Study of how peers influence each other's mental health and related factors, using the natural experiment of quasi-randomly assigned college roommates.

Mental health and human capital accumulation

Summary: A series of analyses of how mental health relates to the accumulation of human capital, particularly in terms of educational attainment.

Mental Health First Aid on college campuses

Co-PIs: Daniel Eisenberg and Nicole Speer

Sponsor: NIH (RC1)

Summary: Randomized trial at 33 college campuses to evaluate the effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid training for resident advisors (RAs).

eBridge to mental health

PI: Cheryl King

Sponsor: NIH (R34)

Summary: Development and testing of an innovative online intervention to increase linkage to treatment among college students with elevated suicide risk.

Selected Publications

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Eisenberg, D., Golberstein, E., Whitlock, J.L. (2014). Peer Effects on Risky Behaviors: Evidence from College Roommates Journal of Health Economics, 33(1), 126-138.

Eisenberg, D., Downs, M.F., Golberstein, E. (2012). Effect of Contact with Treatment Users on Mental Illness Stigma: Evidence from University Roommate Assignments Social Science and Medicine, 75(6), 1122-1127.

Eisenberg, D., Hunt, J.B., Speer, N. (2012). Help-seeking for Mental Health on College Campuses: Review of Evidence and Next Steps for Research and Practice Harvard Review of Psychiatry, in press.

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Please see personal website for full list of papers with links to online text.