David W. Hutton, Ph.D.

David Hutton

Assistant Professor

1415 Washington Heights      Vcard icon
M3525 SPH II
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Office: 734-936-1214; Fax: 734-764-4338

E-mail: dwhutton@umich.edu

Website(s): http://umich.academia.edu/DavidHutton

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Professional Summary

David Hutton holds a Ph.D. from Stanford's department of Management Science and Engineering with a focus on health policy modeling. Prior to joining Stanford's Ph.D. program, David worked for a consulting company that focused on mathematical modeling and for several silicon valley software companies. David's current research is focused on health policy and medical decision making. His research and influence on national and international hepatitis B policy earned him the first place prize in the "Doing Good with Good OR student paper competition" from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.

Courses Taught

HMP610: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health    Syllabus (PDF)
HMP804: Doctoral Seminar in Health Services and Systems Research II    Syllabus (PDF)
HMP806: Doctoral Seminar in Health Services and Systems Research IV    Syllabus (PDF)


Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University, 2010
M.S., Industrial Engineering, Stanford University, 1999
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Stanford University, 1998
B.A., Economics, Stanford University, 1998

Research Interests & Projects

Cost-effectiveness analysis

I am interested in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of new public health policies and the use of new drugs and devices. I am interested in interventions with uncertain or complex outcomes.  Specifically, I have conducted cost-effectiveness analyses of infectious disease interventions, chronic disease interventions, and analyses of new drugs and devices. 

Patient education and decision-making: breast cancer

Selected Publications

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Hutton DW, Newman-Casey PA, Tavag M, Zachs D, Stein JD (2014). Switching To Less Expensive Blindness Drug Could Save Medicare Part B $18 Billion Over A Ten-Year Period Health Affairs, 33(6), 931-939.

Khazeni N, Hutton DW, Collins I, Garber AM, Owens DK (2014). Health and Economic Benefits of Early Vaccination for a Human Influenza A (H7N9) Pandemic Annals of Internal Medicine, 160(10), 684-694.

Stein JD, Newman-Casey PA, Tavag M, Lee PP, Hutton DW (2014). Cost-Effectiveness of Bevacizumab and Ranibizumab for Newly Diagnosed Neovascular Macular Degeneration Ophthalmology, 121(4), 936-45.

Stein JD, Newman-Casey PA, Kim DD, Nwanyanwu KH, Johnson MW, Hutton DW (2013). Cost-Effectiveness of Various Interventions for Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Macular Edema Ophthalmology, 111, 56-69.

Hutton DW (April, 2013). Review of Operations Research Tools and Techniques Used for Pandemic Influenza Planning In G.S. Zaric (Ed.) Operations Research and Health Care Policy Springer Publishers.

Hutton DW, Brandeau ML (2013). Too much of a good thing? When to stop catch-up vaccination Medical Decision Making, 33(7), 920-36.

Kaakeh R, Hutton DW, Funk K, Gatwood J, Chan B, Salah-ud-Din M (2013). Cost-Effectiveness of 3 Statin Sample Policies in Post-Myocardial Infarction Patients The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits, 2, e36-e45.

Stranges PM, Hutton DW, Collins CD (2013). Cost-effectiveness Analysis Evaluating Fidaxomicin Versus Oral Vancomycin for the Treatment of Clostridium difficile Infection in the United States Value in Health, 2, 297–304.

Stein JD, Kim DD, Peck WW, Giannetti SM, Hutton DW (2012). Cost-effectiveness of Medications Compared With Laser Trabeculoplasty in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Open-Angle Glaucoma Archives of Ophthalmology, 4, 497-505.

Belkora JK, Hutton DW, Moore DH, Siminoff LA. (2011). Does use of the adjuvant! model influence use of adjuvant therapy through better risk communication? Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, 7, 707-12.

Professional Affiliations

Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM)
Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)