Sioban D. Harlow, Ph.D.

Professor, Epidemiology

Director, Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases (CIACD)

1855 SPH I      Vcard icon
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Office: (734) 763-5173; Fax: (734) 764-3192


Website(s): Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases CIACD; Harlow Research Group; The Reproductive Health of Workers; Profisar

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Professional Summary

As a reproductive epidemiologist, Dr. Harlow's research focuses on understanding patterns of menstrual function and gynecological morbidity across the lifespan, including most recently leadership in studies of the natural history of ovarian aging, development of a staging system for reproductive aging, and studies of the interface between ovarian aging and chronic disease.  Her research encompasses the development and application of statistical methodologies that facilitate quantitative analysis of variation in physiologic processes as well as their application in longitudinal cohort studies.  As Director of the Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases, she provides stewardship for both the SWAN and the Michigan Bone Health and Metabolism Study (MBHMS) longitudinal cohort data and fosters research opportunities for junior faculty associated with this Center.  She has chaired 25 dissertations, mentored numerous junior faculty at UM and other research institutions and has over 150 peer-reviewed publications.

Courses Taught

EPID506: Health of Nations: Introduction to International Health
EPID530: Scientific Writing for Epidemiologists
EPID550: Reproductive Epidemiology
EPID663: Health, Evidence, and Human Rights

EPID620 The Epidemiology of Women's Health For winter term, Sioban Harlow will be teaching this course.

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Harlow's research interests include reproductive aging, gynecologic health, osteoarthritis, disability and functioning in the midlife, obesity and metabolomics, export-led production, environmental impacts on reproductive function, human rights and gender-based violence and the Michigan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance program.  Click on the Harlow Research Group website link above for more details of her work in these topic areas.

Dr. Harlow is PI of the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) Michigan site and SWAN Repository and Director of the Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases.  She was PI of the ReSTAGE Collaboration (Staging Reproductive Aging Across Four Cohorts) (R01AG021543), a multi-study effort to empirically evaluate the 2001 STRAW recommendations for staging reproductive aging and of the effort to update the 2001 STRAW recommendations (R13AG039961 "STRAW+10: Addressing the Unfinishied Agenda of Staging Reproductive Aging"). She was Associate Director of the University of Michigan International Institute from 2000-2005 and chaired the UM President's Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights from 2003-2005 and 2008-2012.  She served on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, Division of Reproductive Health Research, World Health Organization from 2003-2009.

Fogarty International Center

Selected Publications

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Ylitalo K, Karvonen-Gutierrez CA, Fitzgerald N, Zheng H, Sternfeld B, El Khoudary SR, Harlow SD (2013). Relationship of race/ethnicity, body mass index, and economic strain with longitudinal self-report of physical functioning: Study of women's Health Across the Nation Annals Epidemiology, 23(7), 401-8.

Gold EB, Crawford SL, Avis N, Crandall CJ, Matthews KA, Waetjen EL, Lee JS, Thurston R, Vuga M, Harlow SD (2013). Factors related to age at natural menopause: Longitudinal analyses from the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) American Journal of Epidemiology, 178(1), 70-83.

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Reed BD, Harlow SD, Sen A, Legocki LJ, Edwards RM, Arato N, Haefner HK (2012). Prevalence and demographic characteristics of vulvodynia in a population-based sample Am J Obstet Gynecol, 206(2), 170.e1-9.

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Cain KC, Harlow SD, Little RJ, Nan B, Yosef M, Taffe JR, Elliott MR (2011). Bias Due to Left Truncation and Left Censoring in Longitudinal Studies of Developmental and Disease Processes American Journal of Epidemiology, 173, 1078-84.