Jose A. Bauermeister, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Jose Bauermeister

Director, Center for Sexuality & Health Disparities (SexLab)

John G. Searle Assistant Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education

Assistant Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education

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Website(s): Center for Sexuality & Health Disparities; Michigan HIV Research Corridor

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Professional Summary

Dr. Bauermeister is the John G. Searle Assistant Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education (HBHE), and Director of the Center for Sexuality & Health Disparities (SexLab) at the School of Public Health. His primary research interests focus on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and health, LGBT health disparities, and interpersonal prevention and health promotion strategies for adolescents and young adults. Over the past several years, he has published on the importance of ecological approaches to reduce HIV/AIDS risk, and the need to examine these relationships using statistical analyses and methods that align with the developmental assumptions being tested. 

Dr. Bauermeister's research areas center around the public health challenges and opportunities specific to high-risk youth as they transition from adolescence into young adulthood.  In his national work, Dr. Bauermeister has explored how relationship desires are associated to the well-being of young gay and bisexual men. Locally, Dr. Bauermeister has led an academic-community partnership (UHIP) focused on addressing the structural barriers fueling the HIV/STI disparities faced by Black and Latino YMSM in the Detroit Metro Area. Dr. Bauermeister is also Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator of several projects examining HIV/STI prevention among young men who have sex with men (YMSM), with a focus on how to integrate existing (e.g., condom use) and forthcoming (e.g., PrEP; rectal microbicides) prevention technologies into HIV/STI prevention for YMSM.  In light of his expertise, he serves as a member of the Behavioral Science Working Group of the Microbicides Trials Network. 

Dr. Bauermeister is also co-investigator on several projects examining the social and behavioral correlates of young adult well-being, as measured by HIV/AIDS risk, substance use, and psychological well-being.  He is co-investigator of CASAH and of the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study, two of the largest prospective biomedical studies of perinatally-infected adolescents in the United States. 

Dr. Bauermeister serves in the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Youth & Adolescence, Archives of Sexual Behavior, AIDS and Behavior, and Health Education & Behavior.  He is Chair of the American Public Health Association's HIV/AIDS Section.

Courses Taught

HBEHED503: Introduction to Health Behavior Theory and Approaches    Syllabus (PDF)
HBEHED605: Human Sexuality across the Life Course    Syllabus (PDF)
HBEHED700: Advanced Quantitative Methods in Health Behavior    Syllabus (PDF)

Past courses taught also include:

HBEHED600: Psychosocial Factors in Health Behavior & Health Education

HBEHED651: Program Development in Health Education


B.A., Psychology, University of Puerto Rico, 2002
M.P.H., Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan, 2004
Ph.D., Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan, 2007
NIMH T-32 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Behavioral Sciences Research in HIV Infection, Columbia University, 2008

Research Interests & Projects

Michigan Forward in Enhancing Research & Community Equity
Principal Investigator: Bauermeister, J.A.
Sponsor: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This three year project seeks to enhance awareness of the STI disparity among young men who have sex with men in Southeast Michigan, promote collaborations between multiple health and social sectors, identify new opportunities for STI prevention and care service delivery, and enable access to culturally humble and sensitive services.

United for HIV Integration and Policy (UHIP)
Principal Investigator: Bauermeister, J.A.
Sponsor: Ford Foundation & MAC AIDS Fund

This academic-community partnership seeks to address structural and community barriers affecting Black and Latino young men who have sex with men (YMSM) in the Detroit Metro Area (DMA) through media advocacy and policy recommendations.

Virtual Love Study
Principal Investigator: Bauermeister, J.A.
Sponsor: NIMH

This mixed methods project explores why and how single YMSM conceptualize relationships and meet partners, highlighting sexual health strategies and psychosocial developmental opportunities that may be embedded into HIV/STI prevention and care.

Michigan Smoking and Sexuality Study
Principal Investigator: Bauermeister, J.A.
Sponsor: University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sexual minority female youths (SMF; i.e., women who identify their sexuality as lesbian, bisexual or something other (e.g., queer) than heterosexual) are more likely to smoke than their heterosexual counterparts. In this study, we examine the psychosocial correlates associated with SMF youths' smoking behaviors in order to inform the development of a tailored smoking cessation program.

Selected Publications

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Bauermeister, J.A. (2014). Sexual partner typologies among single young men who have sex with men AIDS & Behavior

Pingel, E., Thomas, L., Harmell, C., & Bauermeister, J.A. (2013). Creating comprehensive, youth-centered culturally appropriate sex education: What do young gay, bisexual and questioning men want? Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 10(4), 293-301.

Bauermeister, J.A., Meanley, S., Hickok, A., Pingel, E.,  VanHemert, W., & Loveluck, J. (2014). Sexuality-related work discrimination and its association with the health of sexual minority emerging and young adult men in the Detroit Metro Area Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 11(1), 1-10.

Grov, C., Newcomb, M., Rosenberg, J., & Bauermeister, J.A. (April, 2014). Gay and Bisexual men's use of the Internet: Research from the 1990s through 2013 Journal of Sex Research, 4, 390-409.

Carballo-Dieguez, A., Giguere, R., Dolezal, C., Bauermeister, J.A., Leu, C.S., Valladares, J., Frasca, T., Labbett, R., Cranston, R.D., Febo, I., Mayer, J., & McGowan, I. (2014). Adherence to rectal microbicide use among mainly ethnic minority young men who have sex with mmen during a 3-month placebo gel trial: Implications for microbicide research AIDS and Behavior, 18(9), 1726-1733.

Johns, M.M., Pingel, E., Youatt, E., Soler, J.H., McClelland, S., & Bauermeister, J.A. (2013). LGBT Community, Social Network Characteristics, and Smoking Behaviors in Young Sexual Minority Women American Journal of Community Psychology, 52(1-2), 141-154.

Bauermeister, J.A., Meanley, S., Pingel, E., Soler, J.H., & Harper, G.W. (2013). PrEP awareness and perceived barriers among single young men who have sex with men in the United States. Current HIV Research, 11(7), 520-527.

Jadwin-Cakmak, L., Pingel, E., Harper, G.W. & Bauermeister, J.A. (2014). Coming out to dad: Young gay and bisexual men's experiences disclosing same-sex attraction to their fathers. American Journal of Men's Health

Bauermeister, J.A., Yeagley, E., Meanley, S., & Pingel, E. (2014). Sexting among young men who have sex with men: Results from a national study Journal of Adolescent Health, 54(5), 606-611.

Johns, M.M., Zimmerman, M.A., & Bauermeister, J.A. (2013). Sexual attraction, sexual identity, and psychosocial well-being in a national sample of young women during emerging adulthood. Youth & Adolescence, 42(1), 82-95.

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Professional Affiliations

2001 - Present: Member, American Public Health Association (APHA)
2006 - Present: Member, International AIDS Society
2007 - Present: Member, International Academy of Sex Research (IASR)
2008 - Present: Member, Society for Research on Adolescence
2009 - Present: Member, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

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