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Richard Neitzel

Richard L Neitzel, PhD, MS, CIH

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences

6611D SPH Tower      Vcard icon
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

(734) 763-2870

E-mail: rneitzel@umich.edu

Website(s): Exposure Research Laboratory; US/Canada Job Exposure Matrix for Noise; Integrated Assessment of Small Scale Gold Mining in Ghana; Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering; University of Michigan Risk Science Center

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Professional Summary

Rick Neitzel is an exposure scientist whose research focuses on the characterization of exposures to noise, heavy metals and other ototoxins, psychosocial stressors, and injury risk factors, as well as a range of adverse health effects associated with these exposures. His work, and the work of his team in the UM Exposure Research lab, takes place in occupational and community settings both domestically and abroad. He is particularly interested in incorporating new methodologies and exposure sensing technologies into research, and also has a strong interest in translating his research findings into occupational and public health practice.  He directs the UM Risk Science and Human Health Certificate program, and is also Director of the Pilot Project Research Grant Program of the UM Center for Occupational Heath and Safety Engineering.

Prior to his appointment to the faculty of the UM Department of Environmental Health Sciences and to the UM Risk Science Center, he worked as a Reseach Scientist in the University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from 1998-2011.  He has been a Certifed Industrial Hygienist since 2003.  

Courses Taught

EHS500: Principles of Environmental Health Sciences    Syllabus (PDF)
EHS655: Human Exposure Analysis    Syllabus (PDF)
EHS658: Physical Hazards    Syllabus (PDF)
PUBHLTH305: The Environment And Human Health    Syllabus (PDF)


M.S., Environmental Health, University of Washingtion, 1998
B.S., Safety (Psychology minor), University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1996
Ph.D., Environmental and Occupational Hygiene, University of Washington, 2009

Research Interests & Projects

> > Neitzel Group - Exposure Research Laboratory (Leader)

The UM Exposure Research Lab team focuses on the assessment, analysis, and control of human exposures to a range of health and safety hazards. We study physical agents (e.g., noise and vibration); chemical agents (e.g., heavy metals and paper dust); psychosocial stressors (e.g., shiftwork and fatigue), and occupational and active transportation)-related injury risks. We also work to assess the association between these exposures and a range of adverse health effects, including hearing loss, cardiovascular disease, tinnitus, annoyance, sleep ... More >>


> > Neitzel Group - US/Canadian Job Exposure Matrix for Noise (Leader)

Chronic exposure to high noise is a known causal factor for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), and NIHL is among the most common occupational diseases in the US and globally. However, despite our understanding of the general relationship between noise exposure and NIHL, gaps remain in our understanding of exposures and health risks associated with noise. One of the primary gaps is lack of information about noise exposures associated with particular occupations. Noise exposure is thought to be among the ... More >>


> > Neitzel Group - Integrated Assessment of Small Scale Gold Mining in Ghana (Leader)

Small-scale gold mining has proliferated worldwide due to powerful economic forces and widespread poverty. Globally, more than 100 million people are estimated to live in small-scale mining communities. Mining activities ravage landscapes, stress water tables, and contaminate aquatic resources, though little is known about the burden of water-related diseases in these resource-limited communities, or how this is influenced by complex interactions spanning social, public health, anthropological, political, economic, and ecological domains. Over the past several years, our team has worked ... More >>


> > Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (Member)

The University of Michigan Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (COHSE) is a NIOSH Education and Research Center (ERC). The mission of our Center is to serve the region, nation, and world as a center of excellence for research and graduate education in Occupational Health & Safety. We have been continuously funded by NIOSH since our establishment in 1982.... More >>


> > University of Michigan Risk Science Center (Member)

The University of Michigan Risk Science Center is dedicated to making research on the science of risk accessible to anyone with an interest in understanding and managing risks to health and wellbeing.... More >>


Selected Publications

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Neitzel RL, Galusha D, Dixon-Ernst C, Rabinowitz PM (March, 2014). Methods for evaluating temporal trends in noise exposure International Journal of Audiology, S2, S76-83.

Neitzel RL, Krenz J, de Castro AB (January, 2014). Safety and health hazard observations in Hmong farming operations Journal of Agromedicine

Hammer MS, Swinburn TK, Neitzel RL (2014). Environmental Noise Pollution in the United States: Developing an Effective Public Health Response Environmental Health Perspectives, 2, 115-9.

Lewis R, Gershon RRM, Neitzel RL. (June, 2013). Estimation of permanent noise-induced hearing loss in an urban setting Environmental Science and Technology

Neitzel RL, Daniell WE, Sheppard L, Davies HW, Seixas NS (2011). Improving Exposure Estimates by Combining Exposure Information Ann Occup Hyg, 55(5), 537-47.

Neitzel RL, Crollard A, Dominguez C, Stover B, Seixas NS (January, 2013). A mixed-methods evaluation of health and safety hazards at a scrap metal recycling facility Safety Science, 1, 432-440.

Seixas, N.S., R. Neitzel, B. Stover, L. Sheppard, W.E. Daniell, J. Edelson and H. Meischle (2010). A multi-component intervention to promote hearing protector use among construction workers International Journal of Audiology, epublished December 2010

Rabinowitz PM, Galusha D, Dixon-Ernst C, Clougherty JE, Neitzel RL (December, 2012). The dose response relationship between in ear occupational noise exposure and hearing loss Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Griffin, S., R. Neitzel, W. Daniell and N. Seixas (2009). Indicators of hearing protection use: self-report and researcher observation Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 6, 639-647.

Neitzel RL, Hong O, Quinlan P, Hulea R (June, 2012). Pilot task-based assessment of noise levels among firefighters International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, N/A, N/A.

Professional Affiliations

2001 - Present: Past-President, National Hearing Conservation Association
2002 - Present: Member, American Industrial Hygiene Association Noise Committee
2005 - Present: Member, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
2005 - 2011: Member, Acoustical Society of America
2011 - Present: Member, Expert Panel, Safe-in-Sound Excellence in Hearing Loss Prevention Award
2012 - Present: Member, International Society of Exposure Science