Yi Li, Ph.D.

Yi Li

Professor of Biostatistics

Director, Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center

3667 Tower      Vcard icon
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Office: 734-647-5766

E-mail: yili@umich.edu

Website(s): Personal website

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Professional Summary

Yi Li is a Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center. His current research interests are survival analysis, longitudinal and correlated data analysis, measurement error problems, spatial models and clinical trial designs. His group is developing methodologies for analyzing large-scale andhigh-dimensional datasets, with direct applications inobservational studies as well in genetics/genomics. His methodologic research is funded by various NIH statistical grants starting from year 2003. Yi Li is actively involved in collaborative research in clinical trials and observational studies with researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University. The applications have included chronic kidney disease surveillance, organ transplantation, cancer preventive studies and cancer genomics.


Postdoctor, Biostatistics, Harvard, 1999-2000
Ph.D., Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 1999
M.S., Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 1996

Selected Publications

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