michigan informatics


About This Tutorial

Technology has markedly improved access to public health statistics. Many key health statistics are now available online at no cost, although they can often be difficult to locate. This tutorial will familiarize you with a broad array of the most important sources of online public health statistics. It will also present a structured search process for locating and evaluating health statistics online.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the types of statistics and data sets that are available on the Internet
  • Become familiar with key sources of online health statistics
  • Create an effective search strategy for locating needed statistics

Supported Competencies

Reference: Developed by The Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice.

  • Analytic/Assessment Skills
    • Identifies relevant and appropriate data and information sources
    • Obtains and interprets information regarding risks and benefits to the community
    • Evaluates the integrity and comparability of data and identifies gaps in data source
  • Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
    • Collects, summarizes, and interprets information relevant to an issue
  • Basic Public Health Sciences Skills
    • Identifies and retrieves current relevant scientific evidence

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