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Ten SPH faculty among the MCubed-funded project teams

November 30, 2012

Fifty teams won a lottery for research funding on Wednesday through U-M's new innovative seed grant program MCubed, and ten School of Public Health faculty were among the winning team participants. Each winning team received $60,000 in research funding.

MCubed is a $15 million pilot program designed to jumpstart innovative, interdisciplinary work. To qualify for funding, three researchers from at least two disciplines must agree to team up to pursue a new project. A formal review isn't part of the process. The grassroots venture will launch 250 projects over the next two years.

"I am particularly pleased to point out that seven of the 50 funded cubes involve ten SPH faculty, representing all five of the School of Public Health's academic departments," said Al Franzblau,  professor of environmental health sciences and associate dean for research at the School of Public Health.

SPH participation for the first round of MCubed research team awards:

Governance of Disruptive Technologies
Shobita Parthasarathy, Public Policy
Diana Bowman, SPH
Richard Neitzel, SPH

Usability and Impact of Health Care Price Transparency Tools
Jeff Kullgren, Medicine
Tim Peterson, Medicine
Simone Singh, SPH

Optimizing Resource Allocation across Multiple Interventions for Cost-effective Malaria Prevention and Control
Mark Wilson, SPH
Ravi Anupindi, Business
David Hutton, SPH

School Siting: Environmental Justice, Health, and Law
Sara Gosman, Law
Sara Adar, SPH
Paul Mohai, SNRE

Adoption and Use of Information Technology to Improve Hospital Performance
Julia Adler-Milstein, SI
Choou-Yih Daniel Lee, SPH
Christy Harris Lemak, SPH

The Physical Environment of Post-industrial Cities and Well-being of Their Inhabitants
Joan Nassauer, SNRE
Amy Schulz, SPH
Alicia Alvarez, Law

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Turnover in Chronic GVHD
Daniel Couriel, MED
Thomas Braun, SPH
Cheong-Hee Chang, MED

In this first round of funding, the MCubed executive committee semi-randomly picked 50 of the 127 teams that submitted ideas. The process was semi-random, rather than completely random, because the committee wanted to ensure that each school, college and unit was represented in the project.

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