Public Health Symposium

Public Health Symposium

The biennial (formerly annual) all-school symposium is a component of the curriculum of the School of Public Health. It is designed to meet professional needs of students, faculty, alumni, and guests of the school.

2012 Symposium Logo2012 Symposium (Oct. 8 at Rackham and SPH)

Capacity Building for Global Health: Responding to Challenges and Opportunities

2010 Symposoim Logo2010 Symposium

Health and Human Rights: Reframing the Public Health
Archived video of presentations now posted

2008 Symposium Logo2008 Symposium

The Global Crisis of Aging: Population, Biology, and Social Implications
Archived video of presentations now posted

2006 Symposium Logo2006 Symposium

Katrina, Catastrophes, and Communicable Disease Calamities: Are We Prepared?
Archived video of presentations now posted.

2004 Symposium Logo2004 Symposium

Global Health: The Challenge of Inequality

2002 Symposium Logo2002 Symposium

Obesity - The Public Health Approach: Epidemiology and Intervention

2001 Symposium

Environmental Health Policy, Science and Public Perception: A Challenge for Genetically Modified Organisms

2000 Symposium

Symposium on Public Health Genetics: Connecting Research, Education, Practice and Community

1999 Symposium

Tobacco Control: Where Do We Go From Here?

1998 Symposium

On the Health of Our Children