Accumulating evidence on increased medication adherence and identification of plan characteristics that predict program success can shape future public and private V-BID programs. Read our updated evidence brief.


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What Is Value-Based Insurance Design?

V-BID’s core elements are explained in this 8-minute video from Center Director, A. Mark Fendrick.

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V-BID Infographic
A quick visual guide to essential V-BID principles of clinical nuance and implementation.

WebinarV-BID Accomplishments
A graphic overview of the Center's past and current accomplishments.

V-BID Center Brief Series
Each month, the Center produces a brief on a topic relevant to V-BID concepts and implementation.

Publications Aligning Quality &
Price Transparency

The V-BID Center and Catalyst for Payment Reform have released a white paper outlining obstacles to care quality & price transparency.
PublicationsValue-Based Insurance Design Landscape Digest
Our award-winning report and most popular download provides a thorough overview of V-BID principles and examples.

WebinarSynergies at Work:
A joint effort between V-BID, NPC and IBI emphasizng the full impact of health investment for employers.

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