RELPAIR 2.0.1 is a FORTRAN 77 program that infers the relationships of pairs of individuals based on genetic marker data, either within families or across an entire sample. RELPAIR was written by William L. Duren, Michael Epstein, Mingyao Li, and Michael Boehnke.

Version 2.0.1 of RELPAIR is a minor bug fix release. There are two primary improvements over Version 2.0:

  1. Table 2 in the output now accurately reflects counts of discrepancies based on the "critval" parameter (control file, line 12). Counts reported in version 2.0 assumed critval to be 1, but were accurate otherwise.
  1. Version 2.0.1 uses substantially less memory on some Linux configurations. If you had any problems running Version 2.0 under Linux, it is highly recommended that you try Version 2.0.1.

All file formats (both input and output) are identical to those of Version 2.0.

The file relpair.tar.gz includes the following:

  • README.txt: a brief description of the changes in v2.0.1.
  • a Perl script to convert v0.9 locus files into v2.0.1 format.
  • example.ctl: a sample control file used for analyses.
  • example.loc: a sample locus file used for analyses.
  • example.out: a sample primary output file.
  • example.out.detail: a sample of an additional output file.
  • example.ped: a sample pedigree file used for analyses.
  • relpair.txt: documentation (in ascii text format).
  • relpair.v2.0.1.solaris: the executable program for Solaris systems.
  • relpair.v2.0.1.linux: the executable program for Linux systems.
  • relpair.v2.0.1.f: the FORTRAN source code.


Epstein MP, Duren WL and Boehnke M (2000) Improved inference of relationships for pairs of individuals. American Journal of Human Genetics 67:1219-1231.

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