SIBMED 1.0 is a FORTRAN 77 program that identifies likely genotyping errors and mutations for a sib pair in the context of multipoint mapping. SIBMED was programmed by Julie A. Douglas and Michael Boehnke.

SIBMED.DOC is documentation in Word; SIBMED.TXT is documentation in ASCII format.

The UNIX package (SIBMED.TAR) includes SIBMED (program executable, SIBMED.F (source code), and SM.MAK (compiling commands). The DOS package (SIBZIP.EXE) includes SIBMED.EXE (program executable), SIBMED.FOR (source code), and SM.BAT (compiling commands). Both packages include SAMPLE.CON, SAMPLE.LOC, SAMPLE.PED, SAMPLE.RES, and SAMPLE.OUT (sample control, locus, pedigree, result, and output files).


Douglas J.A. and Boehnke M. SIBMED: A Program that Identifies Likely Genotyping Errors and Mutations for a Sib Pair in the Context of Multipoint Mapping Version 1.0, April 18, 2000

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