TreeLD is a free software tool for mapping complex trait loci. TreeLD performs a multipoint LD-analysis by inferring the ancestry of a genomic region and analyzing this ancestry for signals of disease mutations. The generated likelihoods can be used to test for the presence of a disease locus and to fine-map its location, providing a point estimate and a credible region. The package also provides a novel way of visualizing the association signal in a sample. TreeLD is designed for high-density SNP haplotypes and can be applied to case-control data, TDT trio data and quantitative trait data.

The package has a user friendly point and click interface, allowing an in depth exploration of the data. The methods in this program are detailed in Zöllner and Pritchard, 2005.

The current version is 1.0.1.

If you use TreeLD please e-mail or fill out the registration form. The software and files can be downloaded here.