About U-M School of Public Health

Our Mission

The University of Michigan School of Public Health seeks to create and disseminate knowledge with the aim of preventing disease and promoting the health of populations worldwide. We are especially concerned with health equity and thus have a special focus on disadvantaged populations who suffer disproportionately from illness and disability. We serve as a diverse and inclusive crossroads of knowledge and practice, with the goal of solving current and future public health problems.

Our Vision

The University of Michigan School of Public Health will be the premier academic institution in public health recognized for the way it integrates research, teaching, service and practice in a diverse environment to develop effective solutions to public health problems.

Our Values

Our Community

U-M SPH faculty, researchers, students and partners are:

  • working in labs on viruses, parasites, toxins, and on the leading edge of research in epigenetics
  • devising new techniques for analyzing data on health and illness
  • designing epidemiological studies to track emerging diseases
  • developing strategies to alter behavior that leads to health risks, including motivational interviewing to tailor health messages to individuals with chronic diseases or addictions
  • helping communities solve their own health problems
  • and pioneering health policy that gives greater access to health care and prevention services.

Our Legacy

Since 1941, U-M SPH has been a place of purpose and action, a place of life-saving discoveries and breakthrough thinking. It was here that the prototype health insurance plan later known as Blue Shield was developed. It was here that the intranasal influenza vaccine, FluMist, was created. It was here that a revolutionary open source statistical methodology was created to identify genes in complex diseases. And it was here that Dr. Jonas Salk learned the techniques he used to develop the Salk polio vaccine, and here that Dr. Thomas Francis Jr. conducted the unprecedented polio field trials that proved that the Salk vaccine was safe and effective. Learn more about these, and other contributions U-M SPH has made to public health.