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Department of Biostatistics

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News Flash

Goncalo Abecasis elected to prestigious Institute of Medicine

Six U-Michigan faculty elected to prestigious Institute of Medicine

Goncalo named as Hottest Researcher by Science Watch

Abecasis Goncalo has been named as one of the 21 hottest researchers.

Center for Cancer Biostatistics

The School creates a new Center for Cancer Biostatistics (CCB) under the leadership of Professor Jeremy Taylor.

The National Academies Press
Rank Institution R-Score S-Score
#1 University of Michigan (3, 19) (2, 17)
#2 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (4, 26) (16, 52)
#3 Brown University (8, 63) (28, 70)
#4 University of Washington (8, 32) (5, 27)
#5 Univesity of California - Los Angeles (9, 41) (13, 50)

Biostatistics concerns the development and application of statistical methods to the design and analysis of studies in public health and biomedical research.

The Department of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan (Rated Number 1 by the National Academies) is

  • Developing statistical methods for applications to studies in public health and biomedical research
  • Bringing biostatistical design and analysis expertise to a wide spectrum of health-related problems
  • Advancing knowledge in biostatistics and health through educational programs for students and applied researchers
  • Providing leadership and outstanding scholarship in research, teaching, and service, in fulfillment of its mission

Faculty, students, and staff work in important and intellectually diverse areas of current biostatistical research, including image analysis, survival and event history analysis, statistical genetics and bioinformatics, clinical trials, Bayesian methods, statistical computing, longitudinal data analysis, methods for missing data and survey research. We are engaged in collaborative research with researchers in the UM Institute of Social Research and the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and elsewhere.

Methodological and collaborative research projects alike are highly funded through grants from the National Institutes of Health and other governmental and private sources.

To contact us with suggestions, comments, and questions regarding our website, or other matters, please e-mail:

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