Work Groups

Membership Development Work Group focuses on recruiting and maintaining membership to the CBPH Caucus prioritizing community and youth members. This group coordinates yearly development letter; distributes scholarship funds, if any; helps members write grants for travel scholarships; and sets up and coordinates booth at APHA.

Policy and Advocacy Work Group works to shape policy and advocate for community-based public health and community-based participatory research (CBPR). This group coordinates membership to participate in annual APHA policy review process; establishes and chairs ad-hoc policy writing committee; organizes learning institutes; and takes lead and provides advice to Steering Committee and the Caucus on policy/advocacy matters internal and external to APHA.

Finance Work Group oversees our budget and financial accounts and collects membership dues. This group assures that funds collected are accounted for and dispersed promptly and appropriately.

Communications Work Group promotes outreach/dissemination, maintains our email and membership lists, creates the CBPH Caucus newsletter, and updates our social media including our website, Facebook and Twitter.

Program Planners To qualify for program planner, nominees must have attended at least two APHA meetings within the last eight years and presented at least one time. Program planners assure that the CBPHC has a dynamic program at each annual meeting. The Academic program planner is responsible for organizing sessions and coordinating with APHA. The Community program planner is responsible for communication with CBPHC and for working with NCBON and YC/YCST to encourage youth and community members to write and review abstracts, and updates guides and presents webinars on this topic. Both planners orient incoming planners and remain a resource to the new planners throughout the planning process.