Environmental Health Sciences

  • 128 years of EHS leadership, research, and teaching

As an international leader in environmental health, the Department of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) at the University of Michigan School of Public Health is dedicated to advancing knowledge, training practitioners and researchers, and communicating evidence-based science to improve health and avoid harm.

Our multidisciplinary, award-winning faculty brings together the fields of industrial hygiene, environmental quality, toxicology, environmental epidemiology, genetics, epigenetics, and risk science. Our well-funded, cutting-edge research involves collaborations from across the university. And our curriculum and research base promotes integration, teamwork, and high-impact science.

EHS students and fellows are at the center of all of these activities—learning from, participating in, and contributing to our department’s work in numerous ways.

This is Environmental Health Science

Environmental health science is pivotal to everyone on the planet; a varied and fascinating set of scientific and sociological studies. At its core, environmental health science is about understanding the interaction between the environment we live in and our bodies -- and working together to make both healthier.

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