Faculty Profile

Fan Bu

Fan Bu, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
I am broadly interested in Bayesian and computational statistics for analyzing large-scale and complex data. I am particularly interested in spatio-temporal statistics, network inference, infectious disease models, and distributed learning. My methodological research has been motivated by applications in public health, observational healthcare studies, computational social science, and sports sciences.

  • PhD, Statistics, Duke University, 2021
  • BS, Mathematics, Peking University, 2017 

Research Interests: Bayesian statistics, statistical computation, dynamic and stochastic models, spatio-temporal models, and network inference. With applications in infectious disease models, health data science, and computational social science.

Research Projects:
  • Likelihood-based inference on federated and distributed data
  • Vaccine safety surveillance using sequential observational data
  • Partially observed epidemics on dynamic contact networks

  • Bayesian Safety Surveillance with Adaptive Bias Correction (2023). Statistics in Medicine.

  • Inferring HIV Transmission Patterns from Viral Deep-Sequence Data via Latent Spatial Poisson Processes (2023). Biometrics.

  • Likelihood-based Inference for Partially Observed Epidemics on Dynamic Networks (2020). Journal of the American Statistical Association.

M4015 SPH II
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Email: fbu@umich.edu

Phone: 734-764-5450