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Richard Garrison

Richard Garrison, PhD, CIH, CSP

  • Associate Professor Emeritus, Environmental Health Sciences

    Dr. Garrison has been working in occupational health and safety since 1977. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), both continuously since 1980 and 1981.His professional experience has included roughly six years (1977-83) as a Senior Consultant with an occupational health and safety management consulting firm, followed by approximately two years (1983-85) at a major pharmaceutical company -- first as a Senior Industrial Hygienist on a corporate staff and then as Manager of Health and Safety for the Hospital Products Division. His next (and current) position was on the faculty of the University of Michigan, beginning in 1985, and serving as Director of the Industrial Hygiene Program for 1992-99. He has conducted workplace exposure assessments for research projects investigating solvents and other potential contaminants in automobile manufacturing, and potential exposures during pesticide manufacturing. Industrial hygiene consulting activities have included a broad range of industrial operations for companies and government agencies. He has performed a wide variety of chemical exposure assessments involving on-site monitoring, and he has provided exposure assessments in various litigation cases involving allegations of harmful chemical exposures in workplaces.

    • PhD, Industrial Health, University of Michigan, 1977
    • MS, Industrial Health and Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 1972
    • BSE, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 1970

    Primary research interests and activities involve ventilation to control atmospheric hazards for workplaces - most recently focusing on work conducted inside "confined spaces." Projects included applications of computational fluid dynamics to dilution ventilation on CS models and experimental studies of ventilation in CS models. Other activities have included: (1) engineering controls for specific concerns within the automotive industry: emissions in drive-off areas of assembly plants, high velocity/low volume exhaust ventilation, and ventilation for confined spaces; (2) computer models and experimental testing for design of local exhaust hoods; and (3) sensor and control devices to regulate volume flowrate for laboratory ("fume") exhaust hoods.

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    Albers, J.W., Garabrant, D.H., Schweitzer, S.J., Garrison, R.P., Richardson, R.J. and Berent, S. (2004). The effects of occupational exposure to chlorpyrifos on the peripheral nervous system: A prospective cohort study. Occ andamp; Environ Med 201-211.

    Albers, J.W., Berent, S., Garabrant, D.H., Giordani, B., Schweitzer, S.J., Garrison, R.P. and Richardson, R.J. (2004). The effects of occupational exposure to chlorpyrifos on the neurologic examination of the central nervous system: A prospective cohort study. J Occ Environ Med 367-378.

    Garrison, R.P. (2001). Low-volume/high-velocity exhaust ventilation. In Goodfellow, H. and Tahti, E. (Ed.) Handbook of Industrial Ventilation. 852-865. Academic Press, New York

    Garrison, R.P. and McManus, N. (1999). Ventilation for work in confined spaces. In N. McManus (Ed.) Safety and Health in Confined Spaces 467-507. Lewis Publishers, New York

    Nelson, N., Robins, T., Garrison, R.P., Shuman, M. and White, R. (1993). Historical characterization of exposure to mixed solvents for an epidemiologic study of automotive assembly plant workers. Appl Occ Env Hyg 693-702.

    Garrison, R.P., Lee, K. and Park. C. (1992). Contaminant reduction by ventilation in a confined space model -- simulated toxic concentrations vs oxygen deficiency. Amer Ind Hyg Assoc J 542-546.

    Cohen, H., Levine, S. and Garrison, R.P. (1991). Development of a field method for evaluating the service lives of organic vapor respirator cartridges Part IV: Results of field validation trials. Amer Ind Hyg Assoc J 263-270.

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