Faculty Profile

Nicholas Hartman

Nicholas Hartman, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
    Dr. Hartman is a Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics within the Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center at the University of Michigan. He develops statistical methods with a focus on survival analysis, clustered/correlated data analysis, risk prediction, and healthcare provider profiling. His methodological research is primarily motivated by issues related to end-stage renal disease, organ transplantation, health equity, and health policy. He collaborates with nephrologists, transplant surgeons, and policymakers to advance research on kidney disease and the national healthcare system.

    • PhD, Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 2023
    • MS, Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 2021
    • BS, Biometry and Statistics, Cornell University, 2019

    Research Interests: Survival analysis, clustered/correlated data analysis, healthcare provider profiling, organ transplantation, renal disease

    Research Projects: 
    • Methods to evaluate prognostic survival models under complex data structures
    • Adjustments for unobserved confounding in healthcare provider evaluations
    • Robust estimation methods for clustered data
    • Policy-change analyses and access to kidney transplantation

    Areas of Expertise: Biostatistics