Faculty Profile

Mark Katz

Mark A. Katz, MD

  • Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Epidemiology

    I am currently an adjunct clinical associate professor at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Bersheva, Israel; and Head, Infectious Diseases, Clalit Research Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel. Consultant for World Health Organization on vaccine-preventable diseases. I was previously head of infectious disease surveillance at CDC-Haiti in Port Au Prince (2011-2013) and head of the regional influenza program at CDC-Kenya in Nairobi (2006-2011).

    • Epidemic Intelligence Service, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2004-2006
    • Internal Medicine/Primary Care Residency, New York University School of Medicine, 2001-2004
    • MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2001
    • BA, University of Michigan, 1992

    Influenza vaccine effectiveness in healthcare workers in Israel (Clalit Research Institute/Ben Gurion University/US Centers for Disease Control/University of Michigan)

    Water Sanitation and Hygiene evaluation in southern Israel (Ben Gurion University/US Centers for Disease Control)

    Functional Health Literacy in uninsured foreign residents living in Israel (Ben Gurion University, Terem Urgent Care Clinics, Israel Ministry of Health)

    Systematic reviews of incidence of Influenza and influenza-related complications in pregnant women and infants (with the World Health Organization)

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