Faculty Profile

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson, PhD, MPH

  • Assistant Professor, Health Management and Policy
  • Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
  • Assistant Professor, Cardiac Surgery
  • Director of Analytic Strategy, Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy
  • Co-Director, Michigan Value Collaborative
Dr. Thompson is an Assistant Professor in the Section of Health Services Research and Quality in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School. He has joint appointments in the Department of Health Management and Policy and Department of Epidemiology at SPH. He also serves as the Co-Director of the Michigan Value Collaborative and Director of Analytic Strategy at the Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy.

He received his PhD in Epidemiology from Michigan State University in 2015, and his MPH from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 2011.  His research utilizes quantitative methods to evaluate the intended and unintended effects of health policy, health system redesign, and changes in clinical practice in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.  He is also interested in research related to quality measurement and performance profiling, the adoption of electronic health records, and health care disparities.

Dr. Thompson publishes regularly in both clinical and health policy journals, such as Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, Critical Care Medicine, the American Journal of Managed Care, Health Services Research, and Health Affairs. In 2014, he received a Young Investigator Research Grant from the American Heart Association, and in 2017 was awarded the AHRQ/HCUP Outstanding Article of the Year Award. He is currently an active member of the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation at the University of Michigan, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Council on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research, AcademyHealth, and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

  • PhD, Michigan State University, 2015
  • MPH, University of Michigan, 2011
  • BS, Michigan State University, 2009
  • BS, Michigan State University, 2008

Research Interests
Dr. Thompson is a health services researcher who applies key principles of health services research to improve healthcare quality and value. Specific areas of his research include provider performance measurement and quality improvement evaluation, adoption of evidence-based research and novel healthcare technology, and evaluating the impact of health policy and payment systems. His approach is built on rigorous quantitative methodology expertise and multidisciplinary collaboration.

As the Co-Director of the Michigan Value Collaborative, he actively contributes to local efforts in enhancing health and health care in Michigan. Dr. Thompson's investigations span various areas, including evaluating the quality of care and outcomes across different care settings. He leads AHRQ-funded projects that delve into understanding the determinants and outcomes of cardiac rehabilitation, translating findings into statewide quality improvement initiatives as Co-Director of the Michigan Cardiac Rehab Network.

He also conducts research on the impacts of healthcare delivery and policy at the national level. For example, his involvement in the Telehealth Research Incubator and an AHRQ-funded grant supports research that uses national Medicare data to evaluate the impact of telemedicine adoption on health care utilization, outcomes, and costs. Through his research and leadership, Dr. Thompson actively contributes to advancing the field and improving patient care.

Research Projects
Michigan Value Collaborative: Improving the health of Michigan through sustainable, high-value healthcare. 

Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy: Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare in the United States by optimizing clinical practice and informing health policy.

Determinants, Outcomes, and Financial Incentives Associated with Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrollment After Cardiac Surgery (Principal Investigator)

Evaluating the Impact of Telemedicine on Ambulatory Care (Principal Investigator) 

Effects of Integration of Advanced Practice Professionals Into Surgical Group Practice (Co-Investigator)

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Thompson MP
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