Spring 2022

Dean Bowman in front of Public Health sign

Taking a holistic view of public health

When talking about public health these days, it’s almost impossible not to mention COVID-19. But while the pandemic is a frequent and recurring topic on the nightly news, the podcasts we listen to, and the websites we visit, it’s far from the only pressing public health issue facing our country and our world.

Sarah Feldman sitting on a couch

A daughter's promise

Doctoral candidate is shaping field of dementia research

For University of Michigan School of Public Health doctoral student Sara Feldman, dementia isn’t just something she studies, it’s something she lives as a full-time caregiver. Today, she’s working to give future families living with dementia one of the greatest gifts of all: choice.

a woman presenting a chart to a man

7 ways the pandemic changed global public health

Chinyere Neale

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on the travel industry and on the field of international education. But it has helped global public health come to grips with its colonial past and articulate its goals in ways that are truer to the mission of public health itself.

urban landscape

New interdisciplinary initiative to tackle major public health issues

Between infectious and noncommunicable diseases, climate change, violence, and countless other issues, city dwellers face unprecedented social, financial, environmental, and physical challenges that impact health and safety. And in urban and rural areas alike, firearm violence and injury continue to plague communities, becoming one of the most persistent and pressing public health crises in the US.

Cornely headshot

Community Room named in honor of public health pioneer Paul B. Cornely

Public health pioneer and three-time University of Michigan alumnus Dr. Paul B. Cornely had an impactful career in health and education over five decades and was particularly engaged in issues of health equity for Black Americans. The Community Room in the School of Public Health was named in his honor during a dedication ceremony April 8.