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Data Science for Health Research

In this series, you'll learn to organize, visualize, and analyze health data to fit fundamental statistical models. Strengthen essential data-analysis skills needed to stay competitive within health research and healthcare.

Learn to organize and visualize health data using statistical analysis in programs like R. Explore how to translate data, interpret statistical models, and predict outcomes to help make data-informed decisions within the public health field.

The course series is ideal for physicians or any inindividuals working in public health looking to strengthen their data comprehension and analysis skills to help present essential data in their research findings.

Type of Course: Series

Platform: Coursera

Length: 10 weeks

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Courses in this Series

Arranging and Visualizing Data in R

Duration: 4 weeks

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Linear Regression Modeling for Health Data

Duration: 3 weeks

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Logistic Regression and Prediction for Health Data

Duration: 3 weeks

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