Competencies and Learning Objectives for Health Behavior and Health Education

  Competency Specific course(s) that allow assessment
1Describe how to use social-ecological and life course perspectives to address key determinants of health and health disparities through programs and policiesHBEHED600
2Apply relevant social and behavioral science theories, concepts and models that are designed to understand and modify health behaviorHBEHED600
3Apply research and evaluation methods to understand the effect of health education and health behavior interventionsHBEHED622
4Specify approaches for planning, implementing, and managing socio-behavioral health education-focused programs and/or policies to promote human healthHBEHED651
5Integrate principles and methods of community engagement, including ethical considerations, relevant to the design and implementation of health education programs and policiesHBEHED651

  Competency Specific course(s) that allow assessment
1Develop an innovative and efficient design for an empirical analysis of an intervention or observational study to address a research question with clear public health relevanceHBEHED885, HBEHED886, preliminary exam
2Interpret results from empirical analyses within the context of conceptual frameworks relevant for health promotion, and describe their public health relevanceHBEHED823, preliminary exam
3Integrate theoretical frameworks (e.g., health belief model, social ecological model) with critical analysis of empirical data to identify gaps in current approaches to health promotionHBEHED885, HBEHED886, preliminary exam