Epidemiology Faculty and Research

Our research mission is met by study into the risk of disease associated with inherent, acquired, social, and environmental factors, and by the development and application of methods to alleviate that risk ranging from primary prevention through service provision to modification of social systems. Our faculty and epidemiology students pursue this mission through research projects conducted both by individuals and by multidisciplinary teams.

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Faculty Profiles

EPID Faculty on the SPH I outside steps
Epidemiology faculty conduct cutting-edge research on a range of social and environmental determinants, focusing on chronic and infectious disease outcomes in both global and domestic settings.



Epidemiology Research
Explore the diverse research fields our Epidemiology faculty members are involved in and areas of expertise our faculty lead research projects on such as environmental and occupational health, modeling and social.


Research Centers

Research Centers: MCRVRR, MAC-EPID, CSEPH, MICOM, Center for Midlife Science
Epidemiology is home to a variety of vibrant research centers that encourage intellectual engagement in the form of interdisciplinary and collaborative research.


Clouds in the sky

Could prolonged exposure to pollution lead to loss of independence in later life?

Traffic pollution emerges as a lead exacerbator for ailments that come with aging

The human brain.

University of Michigan researchers receive Javits Award for work on stroke health disparities in Mexican Americans

$5M in funding allows Texas-based research project to reach 32-year milestone, expand to 35-to-44-year-olds whose incidence of stroke is increasing

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