Integrative Learning Experience: The HBHE Culminating Essay

In order to receive a Master’s in Public Health, the Council on Education for Public Health requires that students complete the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE). In HBHE, the ILE takes the form of the Culminating Essay. With a focus on a topic and related objectives from Healthy People 2030, the Culminating Essay is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to synthesize Foundational and Concentration competencies and apply them to addressing complex public health problems. The Culminating Essay also requires students to complete a public facing product that presents public health findings in a manner that is easily digestible to a non-academic public. 

Students complete the HBHE Culminating Essay through a project-based seminar course, HBEHED 675: Culminating Seminar in Health Behavior and Health Education, taught in their second year.  This course supports students through the process of planning, organizing and writing their Essay. The HBHE Culminating Essay is also a great opportunity to create a writing sample for a professional portfolio for job applications or further higher education.