Dual Degree Applicants

If you are a current public health undergraduate student who is planning to apply for dual degrees, the following information will guide you on your next steps. NON-PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENTS: If you have not yet been admitted to Public Health, you are not eligible to apply for a dual degree within the School of Public Health. 

#1: Prepare your application

Completing each of the following steps will prepare you to apply for dual degrees:

  1. Obtain admittance to the School of Public Health and complete the prerequisite courses necessary for the major of your choice in LSA.
  2. Review the information and decision-making aids for Prospective Dual Degree Students.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your preferred dual degree.  Acquaint yourself with the designated requirements, details, and course planning template. By mapping out how and when you would earn your degrees, these resources are critical tools for helping you understand what is required for you, individually, to pursue dual degrees.  Please note: the planning documents do not replace the degree audit that is used to officially verify degree progress.
  4. Begin preparing your customized course plan.  Preparing a personalized course plan accomplishes the following:
    • Provides an itemized accounting of all requirements to be fulfilled for both degree programs
    • Delineates in which terms those required courses/credits either have been or are expected to be completed
    • Considers the necessity of taking Spring and/or Summer term courses
    • Maps out individual and overall course loads per term for balance and manageability
    • Estimates anticipated graduation date
      • Additional planning resources may include your unofficial transcript and the Audit Checklist (available from Wolverine Access).
  5. Consider, very carefully, the commitment involved. Please do not underestimate the importance of this step!  If you decide that dual degrees are right for you, please proceed to the application steps below.

#2: Apply

  1. Meet with an advisor. Discuss your plans with an advisor in both the School of Public Health and your other degree program if you have any questions or concerns.  Schedule an appointment with your SPH academic advisor using the online scheduling system by selecting “Dual Degree Advising/Issues".
  2. Complete a course plan. Download and complete the degree checklist and course planning tool to determine how and when you will complete your dual degrees. Finalize your course plan and email it to your public health academic advisor. 
  3. Complete an application form. Fill in the application form and obtain the necessary signatures from both degree programs. Then submit the application form to LSA.


  • Public health degree advising is provided by the School of Public Health Office of Undergraduate Education.
  • LSA degree advising is provided by LSA advisors in the Newnan Academic Advising Center and the applicable LSA department. Students can set up an appointment with the LSA Dual Degree Advisor here. However, students pursuing a dual degree between SPH and LSA Honors should contact ask.honors@umich.edu for honors degree advising.
  • Students will not graduate until an advisor from each degree program confirms completion of all necessary degree requirements.

Further questions?

Schedule an advising appointment or email your academic advisor.

If you would like to receive more information about a specific department or program, please connect with us through our prospective student inquiry form.

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