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Gene-editing treatments for sickle cell disease may be out of reach for many

Q&A with Melissa Creary

Federal approval of a breakthrough gene-editing technology that treats the pain and debilitating effects of sickle cell disease is cause for celebration among a community with few options for relief, but it also comes with concerns that too few people can afford to pay for the therapy.

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Nursing homes hardest hit by health care employment declines

New research from Thuy Nguyen

Among health care job sectors, nursing homes have been the most adversely affected by declines in employment growth since the pandemic—a rate more than triple that of hospitals or physician offices, says a University of Michigan School of Public Health researcher.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton named UnitedHealthcare Professor of Health Care Management

The University of Michigan Board of Regents approved the appointment of Edward Norton as UnitedHealthcare Professor of Health Care Management. The endowed professorship was established in 2018 to support a selected tenured faculty member whose work aligns with UnitedHealthcare’s commitment to a value-based healthcare system.