Courses Details

HBEHED645: Urban Health

  • Graduate level
  • Residential
  • Fall term(s) for residential students;
  • 3 credit hour(s) for residential students;
  • Instructor(s): Roshanak Mehdipanah (Residential);
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Description: This course will introduce students to the foundations of how history, politics and structural determinants of health interact to crease urban health inequities in cities worldwide.
  • Learning Objectives: -Learn the foundations of global urban health including some of the stakeholders involved in city wide decision-making. -Gain understanding on some of the concepts of urban health and determinants of health including the social and physical factors like housing, urban design, employment, transportation and so on. -Develop a research plan to study an urban health issue in a city within the US including the proposal of solutions and recommendations to address the issue. -Develop a health communication campaign to drive policy change to address a city-specific issue.
Roshanak Mehdipanah