Graduation 2019

Alextia Armstrong, MPH '19, earned an MPH from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences.

A Love for People and the Planet

Alextia Armstrong, MPH '19

Alextia Armstrong earned an MPH in Environmental Health Sciences in the Environment, Sustainability, and Heath program. She interned at the Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant, where she conducted water quality tests, analyzed data, and worked on a sustainability project with City Hall.

Clara Schriemer

Rooted in a Family History of Health Work

Clara Schriemer

Clara Schriemer discusses a path to global epidemiology sparked by her physician parents and piqued by public health professionals and field experience.

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A Family Passion for Public Health and Service

Lloyd Lyons

Encouraged by family history, Lloyd Lyons’ long-term career started earlier than originally planned as his journey led him to joining the first cohort of bachelor’s students at the School of Public Health.