Precision Health


Epidemiology Business Leader Focused on Improving Health of Future Generations

Nehanda Jones, BS '19, MPH ’21

Having worked on cancer biology for so many years, Nehanda Jones was inspired by the potential of applying the principles of precision medicine — tailoring medical decisions to an individual’s known genetic and environmental profile — to improve health at a population level. She's now using those lessons to promote sustainable solutions in health through the work of her own public health technology firm.

Sebastian Zöllner, Professor of Biostatistics and Psychiatry, Co-Director of Precision Health at University of Michigan

Genetics, Human Diseases, and Precision Health

Sebastian Zöllner

Precision health uses genetic and other biological data to bring traditional public health strategies to new levels. But precision health is about much more than genetics, says Sebastian Zöllner, professor of Biostatistics and co-director of the Precision Health initiative at the University of Michigan.

Michael Boehnke

Turning a Passion for Math into a Career in Public Health

Michael Boehnke

In 35 years at Michigan Public Health, Professor of Biostatistics Michael Boehnke has applied his lifelong love of math to groundbreaking research and teaching that inspires the next generation of public health professionals.

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown

I double majored in biology and psychology in college. I thought I had to choose—I could either be a biologist or a social scientist. But I realized epidemiology would allow me integrate the two areas, which is what drew me to public health.