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Caroline Mandel and her students

Alum and Dietitian Team Aiding Wolverines While Separated from Athletic Teams

Caroline Mandel, MS ’96

Public health alum Caroline Mandel is director of performance nutrition for the University of Michigan athletic department. Since March 12, when all collegiate competition and practice ceased, she and her staff face a new challenge—keeping student-athletes healthy and well at home during a pandemic.

Daniel Eisenberg

Best Investments, Best Returns: Improving Mental Health for College Students

Daniel Eisenberg

Daniel Eisenberg has spent years researching adolescent and young-adult mental health and sees public health as a leader in improving mental health for entire populations. Now, he and his team are building new tools that prevent and treat mental illnesses and will cost a lot less than individual therapy.

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A Public Health Path of Discovery that Led Back Home to Zambia

Lukonde Mulenga

Lukonde Mulenga’s journey to Ann Arbor started with her family in Zambia and led her to the pursuit of an MPH at Michigan Public Health. Along the way, she discovered a few interests and found a way to bring her education home for impactful work.

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Deciphering the Data Behind Emojis

Hamdan Azhar

Hamdan Azhar's training in biostatistics has helped him move from Presidential campaigns to social media giants. Now he is forging ahead in data journalism, and his emoji analysis is helping us understand the bigger picture.