Hospital Administration

Denise Anthony, Professor and Chair of Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Building Trust and Building Equity in Public Health

Denise Anthony

Denise Anthony studies how humans cooperate and develop trust in social relationships. With privacy and trust central to how we use health information, health managers and policymakers, says Anthony, must understand the relationship between social determinants of health and health care.

Carl Marrs

That Idea Stinks: Trust, Honesty, and the Importance of Team Science in Preventing Disease

Carl F. Marrs

Team science requires a lot of grit, says epidemiologist Carl Marrs. Collaborators have to trust each other enough to be straightforward and honest about their projects. Straight truth isn’t always easy on our emotions, but it is good for science. Science is a challenging endeavor, and the incredible teamwork led by Marrs and others means better health for all of us.

José Gutiérrez

Their Lives in Our Hands: The Privilege and Power of Patient-Centered Care

José Gutiérrez

Regardless of the role you play in health care, patients should be at the center of how we design our systems of care, says master’s student José Gutiérrez. To that end, Gutiérrez is committed to implementing administrative and physical structures in health care that are patient-centric.

Danny Gessel

Improving Access through Strong Hospital Leadership

Danny Gessel

Health Management and Policy student Danny Gessel spent his summer interning at Ambulatory Care Services at Michigan Medicine, helping with the site activation of the new West Ann Arbor Clinic. In this Field Notes, Danny talks about the experience, as well as the importance of hospital administrators in moving healthcare forward.